Activism April 27, 2015
Medical Rights Under Attack: Oregon Patients Need Your Help

{Editor’s note: the following is a call to action from Alex Rogers, co-proponent of Oregon’s Measure 91 which, by popular demand, established the most progressive adult consumer and small business rights of any state in the country. Perhaps unsurprisingly, reactionary elements in the state’s legislature have responded by attempting to severely curtail the rights of Read More »

Activism, Politics April 22, 2015
Will California Legislature Tame the Wild West?

After 12 years of operating under little more legal guidance than an affirmative defense and a limited cooperative law with an iconic bill number, the workers of California’s booming medical marijuana industry appear poised to get their first set of comprehensive state regulations. Two regulating bills, AB 243 and SB 643, passed key committee votes in Sacramento Read More »

Politics April 21, 2015
DEA Chief Leonhart to Resign

UPDATE : Official word from the office of Attorney General Eric Holder is that Leonhart “retired.” Embattled Drug Enforcement Administration chief Michele Leonhart, who has come under intense criticism for her failure to rein in a culture of excess at her federal agency, is expected to resign soon, according to CNN. Leonhart, a holdover from the Read More »

Nip it in the Bud: Cannabis Farming Is Not Causing California’s Drought

California has been in a drought for the past four years. Most of the state has received under 10 inches of rain, meeting the criteria to be labeled a desert. This conundrum has made California a testing ground for a battle over water rights, where cannabis growers are being unjustly scapegoated as the culprits behind the Read More »

Lifestyle April 20, 2015
The Waldos: The Founding Fathers of 420

This article is based off the blog post “The Origin of 420,” but updated and expanded with new information. Today is April 20th, the world-famous 420 holiday for the cannabis community. Like many, you may be wondering why April 20th, or what does 420 mean? There are a lot of false rumors, such as April Read More »

Rand Paul Makes Drug War Early Campaign Issue

When newly-elected President Barack Obama was asked about marijuana legalization at an early town hall meeting in 2009, he laughed. I doubt he’s laughing now. The refusal of Obama and other leading Democrats to make drug policy reform a central part of their policy platform has now become a massive... Read More »

Kettle Falls Defendants Need Your Support

The defendants in the so-called “Kettle Falls Five” case in Washington state quickly became poster children for government cruelty and prosecutorial overreach, as the federal DOJ ran roughshod over the state’s medical marijuana law to prosecute a terminally ill, elderly patient and his family; now, the remaining defendants in the... Read More »

Schedule I Constitutional, Rules Federal Judge

Judge Kimberly Mueller, who made history by granting the first extended hearings in federal court on the question of whether cannabis’ continued listing under Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, has closed that hearing by ruling that the plant’s Schedule I status is constitutional. Judge Mueller’s written opinion... Read More »

In Florida, A Fight To Save THC

Florida has seen a dramatic change in the debate over the specifics on how the state should legalize cannabis under SB 1030, the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act (CMCA), also called the Charlotte’s Web law. A month ago, the discussion focused almost exclusively on a trademarked strain of cannabis known... Read More »

Will Florida Enshrine A Legacy of Racism In New MMJ Law?

This piece is a follow-up to a piece which first ran in The Leaf Online, titled “Corruption Alleged in Drafting of Charlotte’s Web Rules.” Florida’s medical marijuana program is broken, and the only realistic chance of reforming it this year runs a significant risk of codifying a shameful history... Read More »

Will the 9th Circuit Hear a Challenge to DOJ Spending in MMJ States?

Congress made history last year when it passed a spending bill which included a provision stating that “one of the funds made available in this Act to the Department of Justice may be used, with respect to , to prevent such States from implementing their own State... Read More »

New Mexico Bans Civil Asset Forfeiture

All fifty states criminalize stealing, but so far no state has moved to prohibit administrative theft by police — until now. On Friday, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez (R) signed HB 560 into law, making her state the first to end the practice of civil asset forfeiture, also known... Read More »

Give It Away Now — DC Campaign Gives Seeds Away

The landslide victory of the campaign to legalize the adult use of cannabis in Washington, D.C. — Yes on Initiative 71 — provoked the wrath of the federal Congress, which then passed a spending provision specifically blocking any funds from being used by the nation’s capitol to regulate the... Read More »

Where Are All the BYOCs?

By Anthony Franciosi Ever since cannabis became legal in Colorado and the other decriminalized states, cannabis-infused edibles have had a growing presence in the marijuana marketplace. Nearly 5 million marijuana edibles were sold in Colorado in 2014 alone, and culinary connoisseurs came out with countless varieties of pot cookies, candy, popcorn, coffee, and... Read More »