Activism, Business, Lifestyle, Politics December 19, 2014
Travel Writer Rick Steves’ Insider Tips on Marijuana Legalization

Best-selling travel author and television personality Rick Steves will discuss the strategies that are legalizing marijuana in the U.S.; part of his first-ever appearance at International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco Feb. 15 and 16. Read More »

Activism, Politics December 18, 2014
Nebraska, Oklahoma Sue Over Amendment 64

Within days of a historic Congressional vote to restrict the federal Department of Justice from suing to enjoin medical cannabis policy reform in a wide raft of states, two state attorneys general have brought similar litigation against Colorado for implementing its popular adult use legalization initiative, Amendment 64. The state constitutional amendment, which passed with Read More »

Business, Lifestyle December 18, 2014
Product Review: Randy’s 100% Natural Wired Rolling Papers

These papers aren't just vegan-friendly, hemp, unbleached, and thin - each paper has a stainless steel wire along the glue-less edge, which becomes exposed while you smoke. Read More »

Activism, Politics December 17, 2014
Raids May Continue Under New Federal Spending Bill

Adding to the already considerable confusion in the mainstream media over the effects of cannabis-related provisions in the federal 2014 “cromnibus” spending bill which passed by an 11th-hour vote of Congress, major media outlets are now claiming that a provision in the 1,603-page spending bill will effectively halt federal raids in medical marijuana states. The Read More »

Activism, Politics December 17, 2014
Legalize 2016: The Top 4 Most Likely States, Part III Nevada

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Nevada campaign appears to be on quite a roll, having anecdotally turned in nearly double the required number of signatures required to present a legalization initiative to the state legislature. Read More »

US Teen Drug Use Declines, E-Cig Use Up

Allaying fears that continuing cannabis policy reform will lead to an upsurge of teen use, the latest results of the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future Survey found significant reductions in the number of US teens trying cannabis and many other drugs for 2014. The number of teenage Americans using e-cigarettes,... Read More »

Trademark Confusion: Where Do All the Dispensaries Go?

Federal registration of a trademark for any business selling marijuana as a good is impossible at this point in time. Since marijuana is federally illegal, no one in the business of selling marijuana, such as the owner of a dispensary, will be able to register a mark. Read More »

Popular Decriminalization Bill Filed in Texas

Responding to popular demand in the Lone Star State, Texas State Representative Joe Moody (D–El Paso) has introduced a bill that would reduce state penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana. The decriminalization bill, HB 507, was filed on December 15th. HB 507 would remove the threat of arrest,... Read More »

US Spending Bill Partly Annuls DC Legalization

While passage of the law no longer appears in any doubt, the question of how the bill will affect Initiative 71 remains unresolved in the public sphere. Read More »

Healing Recipes: Cancer – Carrot, Ginger, Beet Juice

This recipe combines medicinal cannabis and foods recommended for combating cancer to create a powerful health blend. Carrot, ginger and beet combine with apple and orange to create a delicious juice. Read More »

Legalize 2016: The Top 4 Most Likely States, Part II Maine

In the largest metropolitan area of the Pine Tree State, cannabis is already legal, at least symbolically: the city of Portland voted to legalize small quantities of cannabis by a landslide in a special election last year. Read More »

Federal Cannabis Spending Bill Widely Misunderstood

A joint House and Senate Appropriations Committee has approved an omnibus spending bill which, if passed by the wider Congress and signed by the President, would affect the cannabis community in important ways. Those effects, however, have been generally misinterpreted by many leading media sources. One of the most... Read More »

Pot Has Gone Postal: The Risk of Mailing Marijuana

In the mass chaos of the legalization movement, some cannabis users have upgraded the ordinary driving delivery system and instead have taken to sending their product in the mail. Read More »

Congress Attempting to Block D.C. Legalization

Congressional efforts may undermine D.C. home rule and block Initiative 71, despite 70% of District voters casting ballots in favor of the new law. Read More »