Business, Politics February 26, 2015
Utah MMJ (Almost) Open For Business

A new bill getting Read More »

Science February 25, 2015
Nip it in the Bud: How Skunk DOES NOT Cause Psychosis.

“nip in the bud“: to break a bad habit before it forms. There’s nothing new about bad cannabis science, but now in the days of rapid cannabis policy reform it often seems that new examples of the popular genre are cropping up every day. Time to nip them in the bud. A new study was Read More »

Activism, Politics, Science February 12, 2015

Judge Kimberly Mueller subjected both prosecution and defense attorneys to pointed questioning in the final hour of a federal hearing to determine the constitutionality of the continued classification of cannabis under Schedule I. Judge Mueller, who declined to announce any ruling from the bench, indicated that she intends to release her ruling as a written Read More »

Politics, Science February 11, 2015
Oral Arguments in Schedule I Hearing Today

  After multiple scheduling delays, Judge Kimberly Mueller of the federal Eastern District of California will finally hear the last round of arguments in US v Schweder, the first federal criminal case to lead to extensive hearings on the constitutionality of cannabis’ Schedule I status. The hearing is scheduled for today at 2:30pm at the Read More »

Lifestyle, Science February 10, 2015
Foria – Harmless Fun or a Threat to Safe Sex?

Education is the key to making the right decisions in your choice of medications and in sexual practices. If a person consents to treatment, or to a sexual act, without knowledge of all the facts then their consent is given based on a fiction, not reality; that calls the whole act of consent into question. In that Read More »

New Bill Would Protect VA Doctors Recommending Cannabis

In yet another signal of the eroding federal war against medical marijuana, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) along with eight bipartisan cosponsors has introduced HR 667: The Veterans Equal Access Act, to make it easier for qualified veterans to access medical marijuana in states where it is legal. The bill is... Read More »

9th Circuit Hears Arguments in Harborside Stay

{Clarifying note: Technically the case argued on Tuesday was between the Justice Department and the City of Oakland, although it has come to our attention that the below article seems to imply that the plaintiff was Harborside. Harborside’s appeal, for the sake of clarity, is in a technically separate case... Read More »

Anchorage, Alaska Votes To License Hash Cafes

City council approved an amendment to their smoking ban which allows an exception for city-permitted establishments, in a rule similar to the one many cities use for bars and other businesses which allow on-site consumption of intoxicants. Read More »

Ohio Legalization 2016: Cutting Through The Smoke

While the people of Ohio stand overwhelmingly in support of major reforms to the Buckeye State's outdated cannabis policies, the myriad proposals of competing reform groups -- of which one in particular has resorted to apparently deceptive tactics -- have led to a confusing political landscape for reform-minded voters. Read More »

Surprise – Jeb Bush Smoked Weed

In a revelation which may actually come as a surprise to one or possibly two people, John Ellis “Jeb” Bush spent some of his teenage years in the late 60s smoking cannabis. That is one of the tidbits about the early life of one of the leading Republican 2016 presidential... Read More »

Healing Recipes: Arthritis – Turmeric Pear Juice

Fresh turmeric, apple, pear and kale combine for a refreshing and delicious juice that is sure to delight and soothe. This cannabis infused recipe is a powerful blend of healthy foods specifically recommended for combating arthritis with nutrition. Read More »

IRS Prepares to Audit, Raid Dispensaries

The IRS has announced a tax code theory which could result in punitive audits, crippling tax bills and even raids against legal cannabis retailers. Read More »

Terpene Profile: Borneol

In this issue of Terpene Profiles, the properties of borneol are broken down and the therapeutic benefits are explored. Get to know this terpene and discover what studies are currently being done to determine its wide variety of medicinal benefits. Read More »

Colorado Hotels Are Charging Tourists For Smoking Cannabis

Despite an 8.3 % increase in the average room rate in the year 2014 alone, hotels are also cashing in on room smoking with a $250 smoking fee. Read More »