Science January 26, 2015
Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis – Did We Get It All Wrong?

It seems Richard Evans Schultes, the man who created the original taxonomy for cannabis in the 1970's, mis-identified a C. afghanica plant as a C. indica plant. That one mistake began 40 years of confusion which has only been dispelled by McPartland's research this year. Read More »

Lifestyle January 23, 2015
Healing Recipes: Epilepsy – Broccoli Cheddar Casserole

Cannabis has been shown to be an effective treatment for epilepsy, and the following recipe combines cannabis with nutritious ingredients for a healthy recipe. Read More »

Business, Lifestyle January 22, 2015
Product Review: Show Your Colors With Green Arbor Strain Tees

Enter Green Arbor Clothing's new line of cannabis strain tees, which wed high-minded concepts to a refined, cultivated aesthetic hearkening back to an earlier age in American history when cannabis was treated like any another agricultural product or medicine. Read More »

Activism, Business January 21, 2015
International Cannabis Business Conference Focuses On Activism On Day 1

The success and failures of marijuana law reform across the country demonstrate that the cannabis community as a whole is in a much better position when there is unity, when the industry and activists work together, and sometimes compromise. Read More »

Activism, Politics, Science January 20, 2015
An Update on Alabama’s “Carly’s Law”

FDA approval was just the first hurdle the University of Alabama-Birmingham has had to clear in order to commence the study. Review of the study’s parameters by the University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) and approval by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) are still required before the study may commence. Read More »

New Policy Greatly Restricts Federal Asset Forfeiture Program

Attorney General Eric Holder announced a new policy, effective immediately, that will greatly restrict the ability of state and local police forces to use federal law to seize goods without charging an individual with a crime. Read More »

Colorado Joins California in Funding Cannabis Research

Colorado is a first, but to say they are the first state, or even the first government agency to fund cannabis research, is not accurate. Read More »

Mexican Cartels Withdrawing from US Cannabis Market?

New data are suggesting that Mexican drug cartels, for decades among the top distributors of cannabis in the United States, may be exiting that once-profitable trade in lieu of smuggling more dangerous — and profitable — drugs like heroin and methamphetamine. According to the Washington Post, the total amount... Read More »

Pot Luck: Legal Marijuana in Alabama is a High Stakes Game

Legal cannabis may be coming soon to Alabama. Yes — that Alabama. And as strange as that reality may sound, stranger still is the fact that legalization faces its gravest threat not from drug war prohibitionists, but rather anti-gambling crusaders. The Poarch Band of Creek Indians is the only federally... Read More »

California Activists Debate Legalization’s Future

A diverse and passionate group of activists from every part of California gathered in Oakland to debate the shape and message of the state’s imminent 2016 cannabis legalization initiative. The event, a prohibition “post mortem” panel sponsored by the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR), was notable for its... Read More »

Rick Steves on Legalization and the “Two Americas”

This interview, conducted by David Downs, originally appeared on Smell the Truth:   Best-selling travel author and television personality Rick Steves is something of a sleeper agent for marijuana legalization. The host of American Public Radio’s Rick Steves’ Europe is among the most mainstream advocates for cannabis law reform.... Read More »

Montana Judge Blocks Key SB423 Provisions

In a major win for medical marijuana patients, Judge James Reynolds of Montana’s First Judicial District Court has permanently enjoined key provisions of the restrictive SB423 legislation passed in the wake of a Republican legislative takeover in 2010. But Judge Reynolds’ decision in the case, Montana Cannabis Industry Association... Read More »

Legalize 2016: The Top 4 Most Likely States, Part IV Missouri

Show Me Cannabis, a scrappy grassroots campaign which has building consensus for the past three years throughout the Midwestern state, is already poised to pull off major reform at the 2016 ballot. Read More »

Terpene Profile: Terpinolene

In this issue of Terpene Profiles, the properties of terpinolene are broken down and the therapeutic benefits are explored. Get to know this terpene and discover what studies are currently being done to determine its wide variety of medicinal benefits. Read More »